What You Need to Know About BigCommerce Website.


E-commerce today is one of the biggest and most profitable industries on the internet. With such huge popularity and demand the competition is also as tough as expected. New shopping carts keep popping up on the internet everyday with increasingly diverse features. With such a humongous number of options available it gets confusing for the customer to choose one. Bigcommerce is a shopping cart which stands out from the others in design, number of features as well as security. It is considered to be the best shopping cart online ahead of others like Volusion, Yahoo, Shopify and Plimus. Let us take a look at the features that made Bigcommerce such a big success

BigCommerce is a Very Easy to use:

Bigcommerce doesn’t require the user to be well versed in scripting languages like Html and CSS etc. Since it is a hosted shopping cart, the back end of the store is taken care of by Bigcommerce unlike Yahoo for which the user was required to learn an entirely different language. It also offers Video tutorials to get started for a new user which makes it easy for the user to setup a cart. Its user friendly feature has contributed the most in making it such a huge success.

Superior Design:

Bigcommerce is perhaps the only shopping cart to offer the drag and drop option which givesit an edge over close competitors like Volusion. Even though both Bigcommerce and Volusionoffer a variety of templates for designing, the ease with which it can be done in Bigcommerce makes it a more viable option than Volusion.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Report:

Another feature which is unique for Bigcommerce is the abandoned shopping cart report which is not present in carts like Volusion, Hhopify etc. This feature generates a report whenever a customer leaves in the middle of filling their information enabling Bigcommerce to track and offer them a better deal in the future.

SEO and CRM Features:

It is a well-known fact that Search engine optimization is a very important feature for any online shopping cart in order to feature prominently in the search results. Bigcommerce out ranks other carts like Shopify and Volusion with features, like SEO friendly URL’s and 301redirects.

Bigcommerce also has many other features like integrated e-bay and Facebook, free trial accounts and many more. Looking at these features Bigcommerce can be considered to bethe best E-commerce solution in the market today providing customers with exemplary performance.

Main Features of Big Commerce website

Big Commerce is one of the rapidly growing platforms of ecommerce. It helps buddingentrepreneurs by providing an affordable platform for ecommerce that can be managed easily.It also provides a quick return on investment. Let us look at the top 5 features of BigCommerce which makes it very appealing:


  • Total Control in Creativity There is no limitation while you are designing in Big Commerce. Even if you are a beginner, it is very easy to change the layout, looks and functionality of your store. You can either drag or drop mode of design or you can use point and click customization tools. The designer can also edit the CSS and HTML to which they have full access by using the FTP or web-based file editor. There is a Live Store Showcase which has many examples of customers using the design tools to customize their design store.
  • Selling on Facebook With the help of Social Shop 2 you can offer your fans to browse and buy through different items listed over there. They can also search, checkout and compare products while browsing. The fans can also write their reviews of the products, manage their orders or also redeem their gift items.
  • Flexibility in the Display of Product Photo You can any number of photos of your products and display them as a photo gallery in your store. You can also create thumbnail version of your photos. Visitors may also click your photos to enlarge it. You can also give the link to some photos which might be there in the internet so that the visitors can have unmatched access to the products.
  • Selling on EBay You can auction or display your products on eBay from the store’s control panel. There is a view of live listings when someone purchases a product or wins an auction. You can also schedule the listings to go live on a future time and date.
  • Giving Options while Selling Products You can also sell your products by giving varied options; like computers, apparel, software, stationary items, etc. Fields that can be configured by customers can also be created such as when a name is to be engraved in an iPad.


Why we have to using BigCommerce Website?

BigCommerce is an online store building solution that enables a merchant to manage an online store. The management process includes the managing and advertising of the page and the products. It keeps track of schemes and promotions which are one of the most basic needs of an online store. It helps a merchant to create an online store and provides with features that ensure a smooth running of the store.

BigCommerce Social shop

This feature enables Facebook users to search, checkout, compare products, write reviews, manage orders, redeem gift certificates etc. while staying on their Facebook accounts. This way, the shopper is able to receive frequent updates from the merchant as activity on such social networking sites is high. The content posted by the merchant can also be viewed by theprofiles linked with an individual making a very effective and cheap marketing campaign.·

BigCommerce iContact

This feature of BigCommerce allows the merchant to send automated marketing emails. The merchant can define a series of discounts on products and the iContact application would keep sending mails from time to time regarding some special discount coupons or other exciting offers that are linked to one of the previous purchases.·

Mobile Commerce

This provision by BigCommerce allows shopping on the go. One can use apps designed for their Smart Phones or Apple iDevices to view and purchase products. It proves to be a very effective way of shopping for people who cannot easily spare time to use a table mounted PC or a comparatively bulky laptop.·

Promotional Banners

Banners are a very impressive way to fetch shoppers. Limited time sale banners are a very effective way of drawing crowd to a product. Limited time discount or sale banners can be placed on the top or bottom of a page on the website. They can be used to advertise specialoffers, shipping discounts, coupon codes, special deals etc.·

Flexible return system

BigCommerce claims to have the most flexible automated return system. The returns are customizable. The merchant can completely design the return scheme as per their requirements and the form of return such as total cash return policy or a credit note policy or are placement policy can be implemented on the product depending on how the merchant

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What are the advantages of using Yahoo stores as an e-commerce solution?


In the present business sector with predominance of the Web, online organizations are picking up prominence and associations are incredibly profiting by this. The e-commerce has made considerable progress to offer focal points to the organizations around the world. For procuring the benefits of e-commerce to the most extreme degree, Yahoo Store turns out to be a basic and compelling approach to uncover your items and administrations to the Internet clients. Additionally, its use upgrades your image picture and set up a novel and regarded brand character among the arena of Internet based business.


We at Bliss Web Solution, offer you the Yahoo Store Design and Development services that help your business to achieve the maximum ROI (Return On Investment) in the minimum possible time frames. Whether you need to begin your online business or are simply searching for approaches to improve the presentation of your items on the Web, our master Yahoo Store outline and advancement arrangements are comfortable administration.


Our Yahoo Store design and development services can help you in multiple dimensions, such as:

Beginning a fresh out of the new Yahoo Store for e-commerce empowered business:

Our expert Yahoo Store developers have phenomenal experience in building and setting up new e-commerce solutions with Yahoo Store. Our Yahoo Store design and development teams are capable of offering you a jumpstart into your first online business equipped with all the features you and your customers might look for.

Migrating from current e-commerce store to Yahoo Store:

It is exceptionally prescribed to move to Yahoo Store from the vast majority of the current e-commerce stores in light of a few favorable circumstances Yahoo Store offers to your business. Yahoo Store is a cutting edge answer for any online business; our Yahoo Store configuration and advancement groups are resolved to take advantage of its components and abilities.


Re-designing and enhancing your current Yahoo Store:

In order to gain the maximum revenue from your Yahoo Store, it might be worth redesigning your existing Yahoo Store. Our experts and originators painstakingly investigate your business qualities and client attributes to distinguish the most appropriate configuration which is snappy to eyes and the best in ease of use. Our Yahoo Store configuration and improvement specialists are avid to offer you the ideal makeover and tweaked search and feel for your current Yahoo Store.


Utilizing RTML advancement for upgrading your Yahoo Store:

Our rich involvement in RTML stage gives us an edge over others and offers extra esteem to the RTML arrangements we offer. Our RTML specialists are equipped for upgrading altering, and calibrating your Yahoo Store such that you pick up the most extreme revenue with your online attempts.


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Why You Should Upgrade Magento 2 – Bliss Web Solution

Bliss Web Solution


In November 2015, Magento reported the new 2.0 stage for big business and group versions. The approaching arrival of this new form sent waves through the Magento group. Some were energized for the change, while others felt Magento 1 was appropriate for their ecommerce needs.

Magento right now holds 14% of the piece of the overall industry for ecommerce stages. With the arrival of Magento 2, it’s conceivable this rate could increment.Specialists expect the quantity of Magento 2 stores to become quickly inside the following year as Magento 1 is gradually eliminated. This ascent will incorporate existing Magento 1 stores that move to Magento 2 notwithstanding fresh out of the box new stores or organizations that move to Magento 2 for a superior store stage.

About Magento 1?

Magento was worked as an adaptable stage. This is truly its characterizing highlight. Clients can make stores with an assortment of capacities utilizing pre-made expansions or by using their coding hacks. This is the magnificence of a stage like Magento and one reason it’s so prominent.

Tragically, concentrating on adaptability didn’t make it the most easy to use, high-performing stage. There were critical apparatuses missing right “out of the container” that each store required, for example, execution improvement, versatile responsiveness, and administrator capacities. Before, clients would host to go to third-gathering organizations to get vital elements.

Moreover, there have been numerous grievances of Magento 1 running moderate. In light of this, specialists have figured out what makes Magento locales run speedier, however despite everything this couldn’t change the issue of center pace. To address these issues, the Magento group outlined an overhauled stage: Magento 2.


Benefits of Magento 2

Magento 2 accompanies highlights that improve it a stage general. It contends with other top stages like Shopify and Woocommerce.

Here are some key elements that add to this:

  • Improved performance
  • User-friendly checkout
  • Key integrations
  • Better admin interface
  • More mobile-friendly
  • Upgrading Magento 1 Extensions

Albeit some have reservations about moving to Magento 2, it’s unmistakable this stage was intended to give a superior affair to clients and administrator. It keeps up the adaptability Magento is known for, yet includes some imperative, helpful elements.

The new form can develop as organizations develop. It’s quick with a streamlined checkout procedure to expand transformations and support rehash clients.

Specialists trust organizations will move to Magento 2 from either Magento 1, other ecommerce stages, or to begin fresh out of the box new online stores. To keep up, the abundance of augmentations accessible must be moved up to the new form.


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Ecommerce Website Development & Designing Services – Bliss Web Solution


Our e-commerce solutions help you sell more

Give your business a massive head-start by taking advantage of the knowledge and skills we’ve gained in building 500 successful online stores utilising our e-commerce experience.

Bliss Web Solution boast an amazing team of designers, online marketers, copywriters, web developers and online strategists who are all experts in building and marketing great e-commerce web designs. Since 2010 we’ve been putting together outstanding websites for businesses large and small right across India.

Why e-commerce with us?

Our e-commerce experience

As a leading provider of online stores to Indian businesses, we have the experience and skills to ensure you get the most out of your online store. We’ve been featured in leading publications and won prestigious business awards for being outstanding at what we do for e-commerce websites. We’d love to have the opportunity to convince you of our abilities!

E-commerce smarts

Building an online store gets more complex by the year and we take pride in offering our clients the most effective innovations available. We’re big fans of research and guiding our clients in the many important decisions they need to make in building, marketing and running their store.

Online store accounting integrations

For many merchants, managing the flow of data between their online store and their internal systems is of critical importance. We have developed a series of powerful solutions that allow us to synchronies customer, order and product information between different systems.

Search engine optimization friendly

Like everything we do, our e-commerce solutions are built using platforms and techniques that help with search engine optimization. Designed and constantly tweaked under the watchful eyes of our SEO experts our stores are built to maximize the visibility of every part of a website from the homepage right through to the individual product detail pages.


We take the security of our clients’ websites seriously. From our selection of a datacenter, our custom designed network, our approach to secure web development and our approach to application level security we take no chances in this area. Our systems are regularly scanned and patched for the latest vulnerabilities and all our e-commerce stores make use of a 128-bit SSL certificate. For more information on our security policies please contact us.