CakePhp Website development services company


While most folks are shifting to Laravel, in parallel we also undertake rapid web development in step by step fashion through CakePHP open source MVC framework. It is ACTIVE in status.

The things we need are already built-in and packed in this solid framework including

  • Translations
  • Database access, for reliable data storage
  • Caching, for speeding up loading of pages comprising rich content
  • Validation, authentication

and much more.

There are complete ERP solutions coded using CakePHP by companies involved in urban and land development.

It is endorsed because of its well-known design patterns with no loss of flexibilities

We are PHP programmers at Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. and we have repeatedly executed complex tasks successfully while using CakePHP including

  • Modelling table relationship with ORM
  • Creating user interfaces with views
  • Making Quickwall
  • Integrating JavaScript and AJAX with Quickwall

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