Custom website designing services


Hire Graphics designer for your website
During course of time, you may find your web or mobile application ungainly.New styles of #menus, #buttons etc. are introduced year by year.

Alike generous web designer, graphic designer is tied to specific areas of designing including

#logo generation
– making of #YouTube high pixel video
– animated #slides creation
– new #icons
#fancier font faces and related activities.

Amongst many premier tools, many fall under proprietorship of Adobe (Creative Suite).


These are desktop publishing and page layout programs that run seamlessly on Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms.
At Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd., we create

#label_sheets and

If you are a new web developer and want to learn all tools inside Adobe Creative Suite, just pay $5 per Hr. You will get professional level hands on our live workshops.

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Website Design and Website Development services company


Conceive web security BEFORE starting business online

In the year of 2013, 4,00,00,000 #credit and #debit card were leaked, on the systems of one of top technology

companies, for the matter of confidentiality, we can not reveal the name here.

Web designing team must NOT adopt agnostic approach to information security dimension when making website.

Bottom line is that if credentials are hacked, customer is responsible for catastrophic event.

But for built-in data breaches which are hidden from user, company is responsible to pay.

Few hackings about web security to take care for any mobile web application are:

  • Cross site script attacks
  • #HTML or front-end security
  • #PHP or back-end security
  • #SQL injections
  • Session and state management
  • #DDOS leaks


Although small vendors can not afford dedicated experts for security, testers may execute regression or unit tests to avoid major loopholes.

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Digital Marketing Services Company


SEO isn’t about search engine ranking alone. It includes periodic audits which will improve website quality by good maintenance.

You may get suggestions from spiders or bots, like broken HTML for specific page.

These factors will affect ranking in long run.
Following things are checked in standard SEO audit:

1.Webpage #TITLEs , they should include#keywords targeted for purpose of that page
2.URL length and reading friendliness
3.#H1_tags should be present in each page
4.H1 tag must contain main keyword of page
5.H2-H6 tags should be utilized, at least on few pages of site
6.Content should include #LSI ( Latent semantic indexing ) keywords
7.If your website is hosted in US or targeted to US clients, website should be designed such that disabled citizens can access it, according to section 508 by The US congress
8.#META tags should be statements instead core keywords
9.Abbreviations should be wrapped in tag to convey that to search engine
10.#IMG ALT-TITLE, file and folder names on web server should include keywords

You may install WEB DEVELOPER plug-in to check above things in website pages, it is free and allows you
to disable #CSS to see clean look of site.
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Soap vs Rest website services


Web services are increasingly becoming popular these days because of their usefulness.

When it comes to truly cross software communication, only web services come in spare.

And #XML is the most common language for electronic communications.

Let us try our hands on it.
We are converting XML document to PHP array with help of web services, as follows.

namespace Application\Parse;
use SimpleXMLIterator;
use SimpleXMLElement;
$xml = simplexml_load_string($xmlstring, “SimpleXMLElement”, LIBXML_NOCDATA);
$json = json_encode($xml);
$array = json_decode($json,TRUE);
Just take care that, in XML tags, numbers alone are NOT allowed, some text should be there in front of numbers.
Otherwise it may create errors during conversion.
Similarly, reverse conversion from PHP array to XML document is also few lines of code as given below.

function to_xml(SimpleXMLElement $object, array $data)
foreach ($data as $key => $value) {
if (is_array($value)) {
$new_object = $object->addChild($key);
to_xml($new_object, $value);
} else {
$object->addChild($key, $value);
$xml = new SimpleXMLElement(‘<rootTag/>’);
to_xml($xml, $my_array)
And then, print it to verify
print $xml->asXML();

With help of web services, we can
– Create a #REST_client
– Create a #REST_server
– Create a #SOAP_client
– Create a #SOAP_server

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Magento Website Development with Git architecture


Importance of accuracy in commit statement and backup
Suppose you have nice Magento web application and it is as good as Flipkart in terms of facilities, exterior touches, trustworthy impression etc.

Now you make so many changes in it as stock updates occur in physical store to reflect its real time state to visitors.
You update information like

   – Product catalogue
– Change name of specific category to reflect its purpose properly

Suddenly your online store crashes because of power outage or any other reason.

When you open next time, you see that most updates have been preserved.

This is astonishing feature of auto-commit.
Even after release, website is in constant development as you are discovered more ideas.

Therefore what is needed is powerful technology tool that can assist you during work by functionality of auto-commit and this is where Git application comes in handy.

Git smoothens out the development cycle.
You just need to understand

– Git architecture and workflow
– Source management commands and concepts
– How to track changes and work with branches
– Avoid common loopholes

This is generally NOT feasible for customer but they can recommend to web developer team to implement
Git functions properly and explain you basic commands of commit so that you don’t have to re-work.

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WordPress web development using important extension


This post is dedicated to all WordPress site owners as opposed to software engineers only.

WordPress does not come with built-in caching.
And it is criticized for same because along with#caching related #plug_in, so many types of plug-ins have to be installed to take WordPress performance to required level.

You can try any 1 from following 5 widely used performance boosting #extensions before consulting-paying to developer or before adopting other techniques to make your website loading faster.

If anyone plug-in can integrate better with environment of your hosting provider or with infrastructure of your company, you can save time also, which can be devoted for other activities.
Each one differs widely from viewpoint of caching options and flexibilities allowed to set.

1. WP Super Cache
2. W3 Total Cache
3. Batcache
4. Hyper Cache
5. WP Widget Cache

Notably, SuperCache is by far popular.
With it, you can set
– Compression
– Garbage collection
– Choose what to cache, take for example, by specifying directories
– Set preload options

And many more
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Photo editing expertise is crucial for marketing of any and all businesses


Photo editing expertise is crucial for marketing of any and all businesses.

People will gauge about your

  • Authenticity
  • Mind set
  • Attitude
  • Skill-set quality
  • Pricing


from photos you up-front through marketing campaigns.

Therefore, we recommend that you should not become liberal with pixels and colors of photos and images.

Often, expertise is tied with specific tool.

Take for example,  there is high demand of Adobe Photoshop professionals along with HTML developers.

If you are budget conservative shop or if hiring dedicated graphics designer affects bottom line of your business severely, presented below are few free and open source photo editing programs.

You can leverage them and acquire skills on any of tools to giving finishing touch on photos on your own.

  • GIMP
  • Autodesk Pixlr
  • Windows Paint
  • PhotoScape
  • FotoSketcher

Pixel perfect website often results in more engagement by visitors.

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Can your website is optimize with javascript functions?


What is meaning of “#Native_JavaScript_API” term ?
Previous few years saw unprecedented changes in web browser technology.In the beginning time of web, like since 1990s and until 2005, technology up gradations were slow to medium.

After introduction of #HTML5, browsers were released faster with newer versions.

Many things that were previously possible only through 3rd party #JavaScript libraries, like,
– Drag and drop
– Cross domain #AJAX
– Cross iframe communication
– Client side data storage
– Form validation
now are being executed with help of #CSS and browser’s native or standard JavaScript #API.

Therefore, JavaScript APIs that are standard part of browsers are technically called Native JavaScript API

Browser Object Model ( #BOM ) and Document Object Model ( #DOM ) defines and packs in themselves these Native JavaScript code snippets.

It isn’t necessary that Native JavaScript can perform all kinds of tasks, or many tasks in fully optimized manner than 3rd party JavaScript framework.

The topic demands 500 pages expert discussion target towards JavaScript developers in specific due to complexity involved.

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Magento Web Development


Become Ace of plug and play type easy work without paying $8/Hr to developer.

CMS interfaces of Magento might be dazzling to you, they are so simple enough that can be absorbed by laymen who knows English.

Most screens of Magento eCommerce are packed of so many things and you can map each part of screen to actual web component in few minutes.

We need to ACTIVATE specific Magento module after it is CODED and ADDED to project folder.

How to #ACTIVATE Magento module ?
Just go to HOST computer through #cPanel or like website control panel provided by your web host vendor and open file system.
Go to app/etc/modules
Find the file with name your_web_component_to_be_activated.xml
Add following lines in it:
<?xml version=”1.0″?>

Save the file and refresh website. You are done.

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Can your website optimized with percona?


Few times, smartness is heavier than dynamism.
When any ready made software is 100% freely available and is already designed to cope with specific situation, leverage it if your environment also reflects that kind of situation.

#Percona server, as we know is a fork of MySQL and packed with features to meet demands of websites that suffer performance related issues.

How to attach Percona with existing application ?
You need to add the Percona Server repository to your system by running following command in the terminal on a Debian or Debian based operating systems.

1. #sudo_wget$(lsb_release -sc)_all.deb
2. #sudo_dpkg -i percona-release_0.1-3.$(lsb_release -sc)_all.deb
Now install Percona server component by executing this command:
3. #sudo apt-get update
4. #sudo_apt-get install percona-server-5.5
After giving proper credentials, you can verify integrity of installation with following.
5. #mysql –version
Same queries and settings can be used in this#RDBMS database as that of MySQL.

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