Is your website mobile friendly?


“Despite these strong user preferences for mobile friendly websites, some reports estimate that 91% of small businesses don’t have a responsive, mobile optimized website.”

Before giving website project to a software company, check if they provide these 10 mobile-centric features or NOT.

If NOT, you need to deselect that vendor, because NOT having critical functionalities related to business promotion doesn’t make for prosperous future.

  1. Application like experience
  2. Click to call functionality
  3. Map and direction to locate our office
  4. Social Media Integration
  5. Zoom or move product images
  6. Easily accessible contact information
  7. Make site legible by avoiding too much HTTP requests and not supported content like flash animations, instead use HTML media API
  8. Multilanguage support
  9. Simple navigation
  10. Huge call to actions, specially on landing pages which are mostly website pages

appearing on 1st or 2nd SERP

Ignoring even higher level go-through means one is careless for investment and risk consideration. This happens  when we blindly trust so called reference came in contact via common party.

Skipping mediator and directly approaching first source saves money and results in increased quality of services.

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