Can your website 100% bug free?


Software testing is essential part of #SDLC to deliver bug free product, whether it is website, mobile application or game.

International standard defines 4 tiers with respect to level of skill-set of a software testing resource.

#Tier_1 – 10 years resource with experience designated at #QA lead/manager and automation expert
#Tier_2 – 5 to 10 years resource with manual and automation experience in QTP and LoadRunner
#Tier_3 – 1.5 years resource with manual experience, generally not better with any automation experience
#Tier_4 resource with gaming QA person, no real software development lifecycle experience
A long time veteran would NOT accept less than USD $10 per hour in general.

At Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd., we undertake all kinds of testing including

– Manual , the most accurate type of testing
– Automation testing, useful to execute same set of parameters testing for large number
We’re well versed with Gradle, Selenium, Jasmine and #QTP frameworks.

Whether you are an individual working from home offering any consultation, a professional working in a company with personal website, a retail shop owner or a business person holding SMB, to tightly check your business software and website for
– Data storage and retrieval capabilities and accuracy

hire software testing professional only @ USD 6/Hr.
What you will get as outcome of this process ?

#Bugs that can otherwise become detrimental to your business in long term
– Better documentation of coding and user interfaces that helps business grow with comprehensive and fast reporting
If you are involving in a yearly maintenance contract with us for bulk testing, price can even go lesser considering ROI for your business.

For any related small or big, one time ticket based task or permanent project, feel free to contact us at:


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