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Leveraging new and upgraded tool mostly results in projection of productivity and emphatic improvement in code quality over previous or “old” technology based #software.

Now-a-days, in software industry, any component which is in existence for 5 years or more can be termed as aging.

First released on 15th May, 2014, initial release of October CMS is gradually getting matured and is absorbing more and more functions to compete with 1st tier #CMS softwares like #WordPress, #Drupal and #Joomla.

While also written in #PHP based framework namely #Laravel, October CMS has 2 advantages over WordPress:

– Features are built-in in its core #codebase with robust functionalities, so we do NOT have to rely on 3rd party plug-ins for every time when we need to implement new task or to enhance existing
– It has less legacy issues than WP Also, it is #MVC framework.
We provide following services:
– October CMS based website development
– October CMS theme design and customization
– October CMS web application yearly support & maintenance contract
– Hire October CMS programmer @USD 12/Hr
October is a free, open-source and self-hosted CMS platform allowing web developers to have full control over mobile web application.

With it, we have freedom to build websites with flexible patterns and as how we want.

For any related small or big, one time ticket based task or permanent project, feel free to contact us at:


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