Magento Web Development


Become Ace of plug and play type easy work without paying $8/Hr to developer.

CMS interfaces of Magento might be dazzling to you, they are so simple enough that can be absorbed by laymen who knows English.

Most screens of Magento eCommerce are packed of so many things and you can map each part of screen to actual web component in few minutes.

We need to ACTIVATE specific Magento module after it is CODED and ADDED to project folder.

How to #ACTIVATE Magento module ?
Just go to HOST computer through #cPanel or like website control panel provided by your web host vendor and open file system.
Go to app/etc/modules
Find the file with name your_web_component_to_be_activated.xml
Add following lines in it:
<?xml version=”1.0″?>

Save the file and refresh website. You are done.

For any Magento eCommerce related small or big, one time ticket based task or to input complete project in our system, feel free to contact us:


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