Can your website is optimize with javascript functions?


What is meaning of “#Native_JavaScript_API” term ?
Previous few years saw unprecedented changes in web browser technology.In the beginning time of web, like since 1990s and until 2005, technology up gradations were slow to medium.

After introduction of #HTML5, browsers were released faster with newer versions.

Many things that were previously possible only through 3rd party #JavaScript libraries, like,
– Drag and drop
– Cross domain #AJAX
– Cross iframe communication
– Client side data storage
– Form validation
now are being executed with help of #CSS and browser’s native or standard JavaScript #API.

Therefore, JavaScript APIs that are standard part of browsers are technically called Native JavaScript API

Browser Object Model ( #BOM ) and Document Object Model ( #DOM ) defines and packs in themselves these Native JavaScript code snippets.

It isn’t necessary that Native JavaScript can perform all kinds of tasks, or many tasks in fully optimized manner than 3rd party JavaScript framework.

The topic demands 500 pages expert discussion target towards JavaScript developers in specific due to complexity involved.

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