WordPress web development using important extension


This post is dedicated to all WordPress site owners as opposed to software engineers only.

WordPress does not come with built-in caching.
And it is criticized for same because along with#caching related #plug_in, so many types of plug-ins have to be installed to take WordPress performance to required level.

You can try any 1 from following 5 widely used performance boosting #extensions before consulting-paying to developer or before adopting other techniques to make your website loading faster.

If anyone plug-in can integrate better with environment of your hosting provider or with infrastructure of your company, you can save time also, which can be devoted for other activities.
Each one differs widely from viewpoint of caching options and flexibilities allowed to set.

1. WP Super Cache
2. W3 Total Cache
3. Batcache
4. Hyper Cache
5. WP Widget Cache

Notably, SuperCache is by far popular.
With it, you can set
– Compression
– Garbage collection
– Choose what to cache, take for example, by specifying directories
– Set preload options

And many more
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