Magento Website Development with Git architecture


Importance of accuracy in commit statement and backup
Suppose you have nice Magento web application and it is as good as Flipkart in terms of facilities, exterior touches, trustworthy impression etc.

Now you make so many changes in it as stock updates occur in physical store to reflect its real time state to visitors.
You update information like

   – Product catalogue
– Change name of specific category to reflect its purpose properly

Suddenly your online store crashes because of power outage or any other reason.

When you open next time, you see that most updates have been preserved.

This is astonishing feature of auto-commit.
Even after release, website is in constant development as you are discovered more ideas.

Therefore what is needed is powerful technology tool that can assist you during work by functionality of auto-commit and this is where Git application comes in handy.

Git smoothens out the development cycle.
You just need to understand

– Git architecture and workflow
– Source management commands and concepts
– How to track changes and work with branches
– Avoid common loopholes

This is generally NOT feasible for customer but they can recommend to web developer team to implement
Git functions properly and explain you basic commands of commit so that you don’t have to re-work.

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