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SEO isn’t about search engine ranking alone. It includes periodic audits which will improve website quality by good maintenance.

You may get suggestions from spiders or bots, like broken HTML for specific page.

These factors will affect ranking in long run.
Following things are checked in standard SEO audit:

1.Webpage #TITLEs , they should include#keywords targeted for purpose of that page
2.URL length and reading friendliness
3.#H1_tags should be present in each page
4.H1 tag must contain main keyword of page
5.H2-H6 tags should be utilized, at least on few pages of site
6.Content should include #LSI ( Latent semantic indexing ) keywords
7.If your website is hosted in US or targeted to US clients, website should be designed such that disabled citizens can access it, according to section 508 by The US congress
8.#META tags should be statements instead core keywords
9.Abbreviations should be wrapped in tag to convey that to search engine
10.#IMG ALT-TITLE, file and folder names on web server should include keywords

You may install WEB DEVELOPER plug-in to check above things in website pages, it is free and allows you
to disable #CSS to see clean look of site.
To fix website or mobile app related complex problems, feel free to contact us at :


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