Bigcommerce Website Development & Designing Company India

BigCommerce web development

No matter what is size of your business, BigCommerce is steadfast to help for increasing your sales.

BigCommerce renders spectacular solutions for high-volume businesses as its enterprise edition is an advanced, reliable platform.

You can optimize and automate daily, weekly and monthly operations in this world-class eCommerce system.

At Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd, we furnish exceptional customizations for your BigCommerce website to adjust its theme, template engine, functionalities, colour combination and frame next generation eye-catching menu styles which has potential to increase engagement and reduce bounce rate.

What follows is brief regarding BigCommerce services we provide at economic rate, we support all revenue models, whether it is hourly basis, one time ticket based work or full fledged project:

1.Complete store setup (special discounts for start-ups)

2.BigCommerce theme customization, enhancements like multiple skins

3.Reporting and analytics related functionalities for your specific BigCommerce store

4.BigCommerce extension or plug-in Development

5.BigCommerce native mobile app development

6.3rd party API integration with BigCommerce

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Magento Website Development & Designing Company India – Magento vs Netsuits

Magento vs Netsuits

Both the platforms highlight unique strengths and weaknesses.

1. NetSuite has utter financial management and reporting capacities, while  Magento does not encompass this module in its first source.

2. NetSuite supports full fledged multi-department company management with its financial consolidation.  Magento on the other hand is aimed for business visibility and high selling purposes that can be adopted by business of any size, like by an individual or a corporate.

3. Magento provides you with a way to host your web solution on their platform. NetSuite is only available by means of subscription.

4. With Magento, you are at liberty to choose and integrate any CRM and view analytics. Netsuite has its own functional CRM system in place.

5. Magento gives more control and transparency as you customize it, NetSuite shields few technical aspects from coder or developer.

After looking at these differences, think about what is the most important for you or your company.  Few of those differences helps to sort out the best course of action in your environment.

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Use Powerful IDE to maintain on-going of website

Use Powerful IDE to maintain on-going of website

You are already aware of Eclipse, NetBeans, Aptana Studio and many other environments which offer excellent development facilities.

However, paid tools in few cases are really worth to possess.
IT companies have to posses good number of satisfied customers for profit motive and for that , quality code needs to be written at dashing pace.

PHPStorm – a proprietary software package offered from JetBrains deeply understands your PHP lines. It is sensitive and give useful suggestions.

Plethora of frameworks are perfectly boosting developer’s productivity, including Symfony, Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, Laravel, Magento, Joomla!, CakePHP, Yii, and other frameworks.

On the other hand, if you allocate little more time or an extra pair of proficient programmers, you articulately manage same volume of customer base by using Eclipse and Eclipse plugins.
Moreover, in-house developed extensions come in spare to represent your depth technical skills to show to cross software company and to customers.

Since year 2006, Eclipse foundation has increased number of releases every year.
The Eclipse IDE taps plug-ins to bestow performance within and above the runtime system, as opposed to wide array of other applications, where functionality is hard coded.

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Mistakes to avoid in PPC campaigns

Mistakes to avoid in PPC campaign.png

1.Don’t give up too quickly

Many studies reveal that most AdWords advertisers are failure because they give up too earlier without considering long lasting effects like visibility and conversion after months. They expect and believe in quick responses only.

2.Lack of niche specific profitable and negative keywords
It is like keywords’ auction game.

With this sense, keywords become the most critical factor for success in winning the PPC advertising game.
Most people fail with the tight employment of negative keywords research.

3.Lack of sophisticated software

It would be easier for you to manage, monitor, track and evaluate your PPC advertising campaigns if you can posses specialized ( free or proprietary ) softwares such as

(1) keyword research tools
(2) keyword bidding softwares
(3) campaign management software (in case you are running multiple campaigns in multiple search engines)
(4) monitoring and tracking software and
(5) spy competitors software – very limited set of products of this kind are in existence

Or you can level a limited support from those who own or have invested on these tools.

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Why Magento Enterprise Edition ?

Why magento enterprise edition

Magento Community Edition (Magento CE) is the free version of Magento, it is widely known as a powerful ecommerce platform built on open-source technology.

It provides online merchants with remarkable flexibility and control over its look, content and functionalities.

However, you have to bear few drawbacks when you don’t upgrade to enterprise edition.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t run a full-fledged online store free of cost, upgradation is optional and targeted towards very engaged sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra to name a few where additional features are worth for ROI purposes.

Marketing aspects are delivered of same level in both – enterprise and community editions.

However, #MagentoEnterprise focuses more on technical aspects and excels in many ways.

Besides, the support for code and additional plug-ins/extensions are not the same.

Firstly, the Enterprise edition comes with
-a warranty
-service level agreement (SLA)
-legal protection
-all fixes to the code on priority basis
-private sales options
-increased access to back-end
-store credit methods

So, what you can’t do with Magento Enterprise Store as a world class merchant ?

Don’t wait and start excessive customer rich to sale more.
Expand your store and brand.

Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch off-shore web development center with
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Drupal Website Development and Designing

Powers of Drupal api

There are tens of CMS,  eCommerce and web frameworks available in 10+ programming languages until date. Many are designated for specific fields of life while a set of them are in existence for solely web development and web enabled commerce purpose.

Drupal stands out of the crowd and it is number one CMS software for its flexibility and liberty allowed to control it.
If it is competition of ecommerce packages, Drupal is one of top 5 candidates in total, considering proprietary programs also.

Drupal has APIs for everything, like
1.Salesforce Drupal API
2.YouTube Drupal API
3.Twitter Drupal API
4.Google Apps API
5.AdSense Drupal API
6.Sugar CRM for Drupal API
7.Mailchimp Drupal API
8.Constant Contact Drupal API
9.Facebook Drupal API
10.Ubercart Drupal API
11.Google Analytics Drupal API
..and what not ?

Keep no doubt in mind for legality related conflictions, all above are free and
direct download is served at

Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch off-shore web development center with
specialized resources on #HTML, #CSS,#JavaScript and #PHP platform in its entirety.

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Magento Website Development & Designing Company

Shopping Cart Software Customization

Web designing teams generally employ branded cart #software like #PayPal into website for two reasons:

-It saves a lot a of time
-Collaborations and integrations with systems of major banks, institutions are served in branded carts
However, a fully customized shopping software can be developed in case a full project is devoted for that purpose.

Presented below is a list of dimensions or queries you need to be mindful of when picking a shopping cart framework for your website.
– Open source or closed source
– AJAX use
– eBay integration and order import
– Multiple skins are provided or not
– Built-in taxation module
– Template engine
– Downloading of your cart for offline browsing
– Reordering
– Searching to check whether a customer has already purchased a product previously
– Wish list
– Return
– Membership discounts
– Reward points
– Coupons
– Multiple store fronts

Also, Security warning is an important aspect. If someone with malicious intention tries to login with a member’s account, system should inform shop owner as well as customer for the same via e-mail.

Plan your e-commerce store with all necessary database tables and fields to accommodate big amounts of data.

Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch off-shore web development center with
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Website Designing Company India | Web Development & Designing Services

How to choose the right web designer

It is simple, but demands homework from your side.

You need to frame certain questions to ask, and then meticulously note down their answers and response.

From plenty of webdesigners available, you ought to select the best because your web designing team is essentially your partner.
Below is a set of questions that will be helpful to you in selection process:

1.What kind of web designing experience a #freelancer or a group of developers holds?
It is expertise in #Javascript#jQuery programming or in Adobe suite’s tools or combination of multiple programs.
2.Can you give me portfolio to look into your existing work ?
Past designs reveal a lot for how much attractive and visitor engaging websites they make.
3.Do you have any references or names of any prestigious client who is a famous vendor or entity in specific market segment ?
4.What are your prices, with tasks break up report ?
5.Can you show few Google ranking keywords as matter of your #SEO knowledge ?
6.How long it will take ?

Good designers are creative people who think out of the box.
Asking right questions is important to decide eligibility and befitting of cost given by a web development company or group.

Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch off-shore web development center with
specialized resources on Magento, yahoostore, wordpress and cms platform in its entirety.

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Web Development & Designing Company India | Website Development

Other than screen size considerations for responsive design

World’s the most widely used #Apache web server’s #htaccess file is used

-to password protect certain important folders
-to tighten the security of web application
-to redirect old, unused or deleted web pages to new addresses and
-to modify plethora of web server setting.

The .htaccess web server configuration file is elegantly documented on Apache’s first source site as well as on many web pages.

It is almost impossible that a web developer does NOT find any major tweaks for any technology that is to be integrated with it.
You will discover exact instructions on how to do any task by simply searching on Google within minutes.

Below is glimpse of tasks that are achieved by altering directives of .htaccess file.

-Rewrite of URLs
-Blocking of ip-address
-Define custom error pages
-Customization of authorization and authentication
Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch off-shore web development center with
specialized resources on Magento, Yahoo store,WordPress and PHPplatform in its entirety.

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PHP Website Development Company India | Website Development Services

Postgresql Database

MySQL isn’t the only database that we have to approach for building PHP website.

The PHP language and PostgreSQL database server have long offered an ideal combination to power data intensive websites where storage and retrieval transactions are in TBs. Drivers designed to connect to #PostgreSQL from PHP is a humble attempt that relieved the both t – novice and experienced programmers alike, from putting any special efforts.

Yet evolution is continued to integrate both technologies even better so that it can meet requirements of enterprise class applications and solutions.

What you can do in your website?

-Shopping cart
-Checkout mechanism
-Website search functionality
-Analogous product recommendation
-customer accounts
-order processing steps
-administrator login and related consoles
are all common features currently available freely when making web application on top of PHP and PostgreSQL
Reap the benefits by using them in unison to generate superfast mobile apps designated to ease your day-to-day schedule.

Even if you are working in other than software field or inquisitive regarding working of application softwares, we bet that you would love using #PostgreSQL8 database server due to ease and user interfaces it offers to complete pivotal tasks.

Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch off-shore web development center with
specialized resources on Magento, WordPress, Yahoo store and PHP platform in its entirety.

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