Doing marketing is at least better than NOT doing


Many non software individuals and even information technology veterans challenge applicability, scope and proposed benefits of SEO, and ask if it is really worth doing.

Doing marketing is at least better than NOT doing.

At the same time, we fully accept that it is 100% speculation to give or expect any search engine ranking for designated #keywords like
– Trying to bet government sites in ranking
– Approximating less than one year time for 1st or 2nd #SERP rank for a high search volume keyword with 0.9 or 1.0 competition prescribed by #Adwordstool.

These all are cheat practices, and nothing to say that these promises are approached by hundreds of deceiver SEO agencies around the world.

They snatch away clients money, and afterwards present intricacies for what they couldn’t make.

And if you are just one of such kind digital marketing companies, you may say that you level#BlackHat SEO techniques.

They all will gradually diminish. Further, by implementing notorious ways to benefit client business, you actually make customer website under red flag of Google.

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