Importance of clean code policy | Website Development

Importance of clean code policy

Importance of clean code policy

We write code in
– comments
– naming variables
– methods itself
– programs

And who cares about readability ?

If it runs, then it’s fine. Right?

We don’t think so.
There are several reasons why you need to care about code quality.

1> The quality of your code determines future-aspects of continuity of the software.

2> If you think you can have great software with bulky code, you are dreaming.

Clean code saves the time.
Other programmers spend more time reading your code more than that you spend for writing it, if it is messy.

And you will spend time reading other people’s code too.

Clean code is
– easy to read
– easy to digest or understand

Therefore, it is convenient to change.

3> Your code is a reflection of yourself or of skill-set you possess.
If you don’t value quality in your code, you won’t get hired. Write code that consumes less CPU cycles or takes lower number of loops if it achieves same desired outcome.

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