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Shopping Cart Software

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There are few types of ecommerce websites that don’t really need a dbms system behind.

They serve a specific commodity in limited and typical range everytime with no expanding of the upper and lower bounds.
If required, customer can buy more simply through multiple transactions by ordering online.

Shop owners who possess and sell commodity that is applied many filters or choices have to attach sophisticated database system.

For instance, Flipkart is a full-fledged, multi paradigm e-commerce system where providing even mini shopping cart on every page is meaningful to keep customers continuing.

Visitors can
– track the progress of their orders
– update their account details
– contact a customer support department for verifying traversing luggage location etc.

Notably, Yahoo Aabaco stores is the only solution currently that has mini cart facility by default. In other e-commerce packages, we have to build it.

We will see many features of shopping cart software in our next post.

Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch off-shore web development center with
specialized resources on #HTML, MagentoWordPress and Yahoo store platform in its entirety.

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