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Postgresql Database

MySQL isn’t the only database that we have to approach for building PHP website.

The PHP language and PostgreSQL database server have long offered an ideal combination to power data intensive websites where storage and retrieval transactions are in TBs. Drivers designed to connect to #PostgreSQL from PHP is a humble attempt that relieved the both t – novice and experienced programmers alike, from putting any special efforts.

Yet evolution is continued to integrate both technologies even better so that it can meet requirements of enterprise class applications and solutions.

What you can do in your website?

-Shopping cart
-Checkout mechanism
-Website search functionality
-Analogous product recommendation
-customer accounts
-order processing steps
-administrator login and related consoles
are all common features currently available freely when making web application on top of PHP and PostgreSQL
Reap the benefits by using them in unison to generate superfast mobile apps designated to ease your day-to-day schedule.

Even if you are working in other than software field or inquisitive regarding working of application softwares, we bet that you would love using #PostgreSQL8 database server due to ease and user interfaces it offers to complete pivotal tasks.

Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch off-shore web development center with
specialized resources on Magento, WordPress, Yahoo store and PHP platform in its entirety.

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