Mistakes to avoid in PPC campaigns

Mistakes to avoid in PPC campaign.png

1.Don’t give up too quickly

Many studies reveal that most AdWords advertisers are failure because they give up too earlier without considering long lasting effects like visibility and conversion after months. They expect and believe in quick responses only.

2.Lack of niche specific profitable and negative keywords
It is like keywords’ auction game.

With this sense, keywords become the most critical factor for success in winning the PPC advertising game.
Most people fail with the tight employment of negative keywords research.

3.Lack of sophisticated software

It would be easier for you to manage, monitor, track and evaluate your PPC advertising campaigns if you can posses specialized ( free or proprietary ) softwares such as

(1) keyword research tools
(2) keyword bidding softwares
(3) campaign management software (in case you are running multiple campaigns in multiple search engines)
(4) monitoring and tracking software and
(5) spy competitors software – very limited set of products of this kind are in existence

Or you can level a limited support from those who own or have invested on these tools.

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