Magento Website Development & Designing Company India – Magento vs Netsuits

Magento vs Netsuits

Both the platforms highlight unique strengths and weaknesses.

1. NetSuite has utter financial management and reporting capacities, while  Magento does not encompass this module in its first source.

2. NetSuite supports full fledged multi-department company management with its financial consolidation.  Magento on the other hand is aimed for business visibility and high selling purposes that can be adopted by business of any size, like by an individual or a corporate.

3. Magento provides you with a way to host your web solution on their platform. NetSuite is only available by means of subscription.

4. With Magento, you are at liberty to choose and integrate any CRM and view analytics. Netsuite has its own functional CRM system in place.

5. Magento gives more control and transparency as you customize it, NetSuite shields few technical aspects from coder or developer.

After looking at these differences, think about what is the most important for you or your company.  Few of those differences helps to sort out the best course of action in your environment.

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