Google Ranking Update ‘Fred’ shakes digital marketers

Google Ranking Update ‘Fred_ shakes digital marketers

Not read yet ? Search Engine Land is the site you want to avoid missing to navigate from time to time.

‘Fred’ is a core Google Ranking Algorithm’s update. For years after devaluation of keyword stuffing,SEO professionals started applying inbound links in bulk to be more visible on the world’s top search engine. Quality or high DA-PA is becoming another concern.
To cope with all these factors, appropriate logic has to be in place to filter out really appreciated businesses that a customer is searching for. ‘Fred’ is invented for the same for rightful outcome on SERPs.

Black Hat SEO community is day by day expanding and its potential is certainly uncovering more reports than what was expected to grow. Back Hat technique denotes hidden or undiscovered SPAM algorithm that is missed out from eyes of even experts.

There also occurred a large content quality Google update on February 7 which was not officially confirmed. As you might not expect, but Google is firm for concrete implementations of algorithm updates now-a-days — so be prepared for large shifts in the search results.

Many automated SEO tracking tools currently are showing significant variations on their results on account of this update. Many webmasters are complaining about ranking declines while few are rejoicing for ranking increases as they are old veterans and never proposed black hat or grey hat SEO for temporary benefits.

Let us wait to hear from Google if they are leaving out any comments.

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