Utilization of Selenium Testing for Effective Testing Results

Utilization of Selenium Testing for Effective Results

Selenium is a set of tools in place to automate browsers. They are largely applied to test web and mobile applications, although usage of Selenium is not solely limited for testing purposes. It has various other uses also like

-automate repetitive tasks in a browser window
-to perform screen scraping

Selenium works seamlessly on all the major browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer,Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Software testers have to be well-versed in advanced techniques to test web applications thoroughly using the Selenium WebDriver API and related tools.

At Bliss Web Solution Pvt. Ltd., we test each part of web applications effectively and efficiently by leveraging Selenium WebDriver on desktops, mobile web browsers, and in a distributed environment.

We delve deeply while working with Selenium.

1. analyze design patterns
2.undertake data-driven testing
3.view page objects and object maps
4.integrate Selenium WebDriver with ATDD/BDD and
5.perform mobile web testing with Appium.

to develop a highly maintainable and reliable web enabled software product before handing it in the hands of customers.

For any website building related inquiries, feel free to contact us at: http://www.blisswebsolution.com/


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