Importance of PHP Team Development

Importance of PHP Team Development

Importance of PHP Team Development

To establish highly noticeable web presence for a business or non business unit, complex, diversified and skilled workforce is necessary. Part of the problem lies with core expertise apart from the process itself.  Mobile web application development is a multi-facet undertaking that demands knowledge of

  • MVC architecture
  • Agile development
  • Source Control system
  • Bug Tracking software
  • Elegant and progressive modifications and maintenance

Integrity and smooth communications between team members of all the departments ensure  the project success. Interestingly, along with talented pool of resources, non technical aspects play their role.

On the technical front, essentials are

  • designing to divide complexity to conquer complex problems
  • keeping things simple during execution, with descriptive approach as opposed to minimal way
  • choosing the right process and tools, and
  • monitoring, documenting and improving the process

are focused.

On the non technical front,

  • making sure that team members collaborate effectively
  • developers and designers should be open to changes
  • being open to user feedback
  • allocation of final decisive authority
  • having the right mindset about quality

and  other aspects related to project success should be taken care of.

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