Latest Ranking Aspects of SEO


You most likely definitely realize that Google utilizes around many ranking aspects in algorithm.

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Install Google Analytics and Observe Performance Metrics

Install Google Analytics and Observe Performance Metrics

Install Google Analytics and Observe Performance Metrics

For digital marketing purpose, there comes a myriad of SEO tools and other softwares now-a-days unlike previous times (2000s!) when it was considered almost like a forest. Take for example, as a clickstream tracking package, top two hits are Google Analytics and Adobe Site Catalyst. For A/B multivariate testing, there is GWO, Test & Target and others may be.

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Positive Sides of Pay Per Click campaigns

Positive Sides of Pay Per Click campaigns

Positive Sides of Pay Per Click campaigns

Pay-per-click search engine campaigns allow you to bid for ad placements with high competition keywords that is otherwise not possible with organic or SEO efforts, for any business. For example, suppose you are investment advisor group, and even long tail suggestions like topic-keywords such as “offshore investment advise”,

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SEO Metrics and Latest Craze

SEO Metrics and Latest Craze

SEO Metrics and Latest Craze

Aiming to commence a perfect Search Engine Optimization project? Or looking to hire SEO expert or an entire digital marketing team for maximum customer reach ? You must agree that use of right SEO metrics is a key to succeed in digital realm of life. You need to measure the performance on daily basis to understand which flank should be improved and which is outperforming.

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A complete Web solution company – Bliss Web Solution Pvt.Ltd.

A complete Web solution company - Bliss Web Solution Pvt.Ltd.

Bliss Web Solution is one stop shop for your complete web solution. Whether, you are looking for the brand building of your business website or you are looking for a strong online appearance of your business, we are here to help you with our exclusive services.

Our strength lies in our hard work and passion to create something new. We have a team of experienced professionals who have successfully finished more than 1000+ projects and fruitfully handled our 500+ clients.

Our Ecommerce Services:
Magento Development
Yahoo-Aabaco store Development
– Shopify Development
BigCommerce Development

Our CMS Services:
WordPress Development
Joomla Development
Drupal Development

Our Web Design Services:
– Custom Web Design
– Responsive Web Design
– Mobile Web Design
– Psd Conversion

Our Web Development Services:
Php Development
CakePhp Development
Codeignitor Development

Our App Development Services:
– Android Development
– ios Development

Our Digital Marketing Services:
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Social Media Optimization (SMO)
– Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
– App Store Optimization (ASO)

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Magento 2 SEO Overview with basic configuration

Magento 2 SEO Overview with basic configuration

Search engine optimization is one of the key factors for any online store. While off-page SEO, that is citations and links pointing to your site, is important, you should never forget about on-page optimization. The latter is within your full control and thus can be implemented properly.
Here’s a compilation of the most important points as a visual. You can also use it as a checklist for your store optimization.

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Google Ranking Update ‘Fred’ shakes digital marketers

Google Ranking Update ‘Fred_ shakes digital marketers

Not read yet ? Search Engine Land is the site you want to avoid missing to navigate from time to time.

‘Fred’ is a core Google Ranking Algorithm’s update. For years after devaluation of keyword stuffing,SEO professionals started applying inbound links in bulk to be more visible on the world’s top search engine. Quality or high DA-PA is becoming another concern.
To cope with all these factors, appropriate logic has to be in place to filter out really appreciated businesses that a customer is searching for. ‘Fred’ is invented for the same for rightful outcome on SERPs.

Black Hat SEO community is day by day expanding and its potential is certainly uncovering more reports than what was expected to grow. Back Hat technique denotes hidden or undiscovered SPAM algorithm that is missed out from eyes of even experts.

There also occurred a large content quality Google update on February 7 which was not officially confirmed. As you might not expect, but Google is firm for concrete implementations of algorithm updates now-a-days — so be prepared for large shifts in the search results.

Many automated SEO tracking tools currently are showing significant variations on their results on account of this update. Many webmasters are complaining about ranking declines while few are rejoicing for ranking increases as they are old veterans and never proposed black hat or grey hat SEO for temporary benefits.

Let us wait to hear from Google if they are leaving out any comments.

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Mistakes to avoid in PPC campaigns

Mistakes to avoid in PPC campaign.png

1.Don’t give up too quickly

Many studies reveal that most AdWords advertisers are failure because they give up too earlier without considering long lasting effects like visibility and conversion after months. They expect and believe in quick responses only.

2.Lack of niche specific profitable and negative keywords
It is like keywords’ auction game.

With this sense, keywords become the most critical factor for success in winning the PPC advertising game.
Most people fail with the tight employment of negative keywords research.

3.Lack of sophisticated software

It would be easier for you to manage, monitor, track and evaluate your PPC advertising campaigns if you can posses specialized ( free or proprietary ) softwares such as

(1) keyword research tools
(2) keyword bidding softwares
(3) campaign management software (in case you are running multiple campaigns in multiple search engines)
(4) monitoring and tracking software and
(5) spy competitors software – very limited set of products of this kind are in existence

Or you can level a limited support from those who own or have invested on these tools.

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Doing marketing is at least better than NOT doing


Many non software individuals and even information technology veterans challenge applicability, scope and proposed benefits of SEO, and ask if it is really worth doing.

Doing marketing is at least better than NOT doing.

At the same time, we fully accept that it is 100% speculation to give or expect any search engine ranking for designated #keywords like
– Trying to bet government sites in ranking
– Approximating less than one year time for 1st or 2nd #SERP rank for a high search volume keyword with 0.9 or 1.0 competition prescribed by #Adwordstool.

These all are cheat practices, and nothing to say that these promises are approached by hundreds of deceiver SEO agencies around the world.

They snatch away clients money, and afterwards present intricacies for what they couldn’t make.

And if you are just one of such kind digital marketing companies, you may say that you level#BlackHat SEO techniques.

They all will gradually diminish. Further, by implementing notorious ways to benefit client business, you actually make customer website under red flag of Google.

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