What Do You Know About CMS?


Today in this arena of cut throat competition, it’s a challenging task for every business to keep all the information of their website updated, as outdated content on the website will not only cost business but will also affect its reputation. Maintenance of the updated information constantly requires full time devotion. But, now you can overcome this problem, with the content management system (CMS).

Choosing the right eCommerce CMS development platform isn’t as easy as asking ‘What’s the best program?’ because what’s best for one business can have little to do with what’s best for another. When we look at Magento, however, we see not only an eCommerce CMS development platform that offers a lot of what businesses need out-of-the-box, but also has a large community of developers constantly refining its functionality.


Bliss Web Solution is one of the prestigious Indian based CMS Companies, which aims to develop outstanding custom CMS websites for small, medium and big sized companies. Our well-skilled and enthusiastic team of CMS developers meticulously takes care of every project with ease while maintaining high industry standards. They constantly research to discover new tools for creating premium websites for the clients.

Implementing an eCommerce CMS, Magento or otherwise, is no small feat. Careful attention must be paid to why one particular CMS is being chosen over another and that the basics of eCommerce CMS implementation, such as content definitions, technical and human resource capabilities and future developments, have been defined.

WordPress (WP) is an open source blog publishing tool and content management system (CMS), popularly known as the most user-friendly blogging system. Powered by PHP and MySQL data backend, this blogging system has evolved into a full-fledged CMS, which is being used by various major media companies such as CNN’s Political Ticker, The Wall Street Journal Magazine and General Electric Reports.

Our work with Magento has revealed an eCommerce CMS with extensive out-of-the-box capabilities to suit a wide range of businesses and applications. This includes management of gift cards, vouchers, store credit, packing slips and customizable filters for the drill-down search feature all good eCommerce websites require. It also deftly handles PayPal, Google Checkout and Global Tax Management, while the enterprise-level support adds another service layer for both customers and developers. Joomla is an award-winning, open-source content management system (CMS) downloaded for over 30 million times worldwide. It is considered as one of the most stable and powerful frameworks for an effective content management system (CMS).

Beyond the excellent shopping cart functions, Magento also offers subscriber and CRM email functionality together with high levels of integrated data encryption and other security measures and Drupal is the most user-friendly platform which is widely used in the development of millions of websites and applications. It has been opted by thousands of organizations across the world for the purpose of knowledge sharing and business management. Apart from this, it helps users to create websites in less time than any other content management system (CMS), like Joomla or WordPress.


eCommerce CMS development almost always requires customization. With Magento, however, the large and active community of developers have already created, and made available, almost any additional feature you can imagine. With the price of these additions ranging from free to just a few dollars, the Magento eCommerce CMS is a very attractive and well-supported development option. When a problem does arise, and it’s rare that one won’t at some point, the Zend Framework at Magento’s core makes finding and correcting code issues easy.


Magento is a terrific CMS option, both in terms of standard functionality and sourcing additional features, and should be considered as a potential solution by any business seeking a world-class CMS.

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